The Changing Range of Light

Portraits of the Sierra Nevada


When John Muir coined the phrase Range of Light in the late 1800’s, few people had seen images of the spectacular Sierra Nevada mountain range. John Muir’s writings provided the world a window into this magnificent landscape. His writing and activism helped bring attention to the environmental threats facing the Sierra Nevada. Due to the visionary actions of an earlier generation, many regions of the Sierra Nevada are now protected in National Parks and Wilderness Areas.  The images of landscape photographer Ansel Adams also played an important role in the protection of important regions of the Sierra, including the majestic Kings Canyon National Park. He worked tirelessly with the Sierra Club, founded by John Muir, to help our nation appreciate and protect the wonderful natural heritage of the Sierra.

In her second book, Elizabeth Carmel photographically explores the Range of Light in the 21st century and honors the important legacies of John Muir and Ansel Adams by highlighting 21st century environmental threats to the region.  In addition to being a beautiful & unique collection of photography, this book also outlines the changes that will occur in the Sierra from global climate change. Photographs in The Changing Range of Light are accompanied by easy to read text vignettes from the world’s top scientists explaining how the landscapes shown will be affected by the warming climate. Inspiring quotes and poetry by renowned authors are also included and play an important role in making this book an uplifting celebration of natural beauty.


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ISBN: ISBN 978-0-9776877-1-8

Trim size: 120 Pages, 12” x 12” Hardcover, 50 8x10” Color Plates.

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All images © Elizabeth Carmel